The Biggest Lie the Martech and Adtech World Tells Us

In this talk, I’ll explore six myths in today’s martech world: consumers want personalized advertising, media doesn’t matter, short-term results matter, targeted addresses waste, and adtech cuts costs by cutting costs To save money middlemen and brand building can be ignored.

Martech presentations sometimes start with Scott Brinker’s martech profile, which showcases over 5,000 martech platforms that we can use or not.

It will take a long time to discuss the myths and realities of all these different types of platforms. Therefore, I will focus on some of the types used in marcom, especially in direct response marketing and sales activation.

For the past 20 years, digital marketing has fully dived into direct marketing. This is why I see online marketers use the term “advertising” incorrectly to refer to “direct marketing” campaigns – too many don’t understand the subtle but important differences.

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Now, we have blog spam or “content marketing”. Our afghanistan phone number flyers would appear on walls and posts; now, we have pop-up ads. Today, we have direct response ads that interrupt our conversations with friends and family on social media and others who follow us on the internet.

The ultimate goal of dropshipping is to deliver the right ad to the right person at the right time. This is actually nothing new. We have been able to track the direct ROI of direct marketing campaigns through many offline channels such as telemarketing or direct mail.

Martech is all the rage these days, but it’s just another way to execute that direct marketing idea.

Content-related positioning is king!

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afghanistan phone number

Now, a lot of people working in martech companies probably saw this and thought, “Wow! But, remember: 99.9% of non-marketers see Tom Cruise getting scanned for ads and are horrified. Remember, the world in Minority Report is a dystopia. This reflects how everything in the world will go to hell, including marketing.

And, sadly, we’re actually getting close to that reality. Below EA Leads is an excerpt from a Spanish TV news report covering Bismart’s Magic Mirror at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Again, it looks cool. But we see that this martech platform uses facial recognition, stores and displays personal data and even analyzes his emotional state. My question: why do we think people actually want this? Which brings me to the first myth of martech that I’ll be discussing today: Consumers want personalized advertising. “

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