The Business Dies Being A Business

In the end you have to ask both parties to have a global vision, but well, in the end there is a misalignment and , and that can grow.

Having said all this, here I am going to put a little more of my personal opinion, based on my experience, above all I would tell you that when looking for partners for a project, look for people who really contribute to the project and complement it.

Typical mistake and I have commented on it other times, in the end we got together to create a startup with people who do the same as us, a typical project that is born from close friends, friends from university, three who are lawyers, three who are engineers, three who are computer scientists, and they get together but the fact is that the three of them do exactly the same thing, therefore there would be two equal profiles left over.

Nor would I undertake with friends or family, I think that in the end this has a very high cost, if you have a good friend, if it is a family member, and when there is an emotional bond, either by friendship or by family, you can easily break that bond, and I believe that there is nothing more valuable than a good friend or a good family member.


Therefore, the easy thing is to think that if Cyprus Mobile Number we trust each other, we know each other, then it’s okay, because it’s like everything fits together very well at the beginning, but with the passage of time, problems always come in the end.

This is another of the things that from my point of view I learned.


It also happens that many times there are people who become friends, but they were not friends initially, and you meet as partners merely in the professional field, and in the end it becomes a friend.

I am lucky that it has also happened to me, so what I would tell you here is that whenever you are going to do an entrepreneurial project, look for people who, even if you do not know them, absolutely nothing happens, but they do really complement the foundations of the business. What do you want to undertake?

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 What The Basic Legs Of A Business Are

You have to draw , if you need a finance person, a marketing person, a sales person, a developer, and I am not any of them, fine, then let’s look for a profile that complements or that be able to take care of all that, and also aligned with our objectives.

The professor talks about all of this, about several points to avoid this very negative percentage, this situation where a business dies due to disputes between the partners, and the first thing is to establish already aligned origins, that is, not to create original partners that can potentially generate problem.

And in this sense, it is a bit like what I was telling you about, people who all do the same thing, because in the end we find that within the same company there are too many of us, and one has to do functions that are not really theirs, and either he’s good at it or he’s not good at it.

This leads you to the fact that if you start with friends or family, over time it can cause problems.

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