The Importance of Listening to What You Don’t Want to Hear

Marketing in the Maelstrom, Brexit and the rise of Trump…David Hudson reflects on the need to pay attention to what others are saying I once had a brief relationship with a man. That’s not a happy thing. Whenever I try to express thoughts or feelings about the relationship, or his sometimes questionable behavior, he rejects me. He actually left the room or asked me to go home.

In short, he didn’t want to hear a potential word of criticism. He seemed simply unable to engage in any kind of discussion along these lines. I quickly became unhappy and ended the relationship. Short but deep lessons? If you find yourself with someone who doesn’t allow a space for your opinion, you can quickly feel dissatisfied and dissatisfied.

It may sound obvious, but sometimes you have to live these things to really sink in.

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships. You can see it in family dynamics and workplace politics. You can see it playing internationally. Marketing in the Maelstrom I was reminded of this last Friday when I attended a salon-style discussion in Shoreditch hosted by global marketing and colombia phone number technology agency DigitalisLbi. The third in the annual NewFront event series, ostensibly an afternoon discussion on “Marketing in the Maelstrom.”

Now is the maelstrom: 2016 was a turbulent year with a lot of unpredictable things happening. From the shock of Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump to the prevalence of Jeremy Corbyn and the passing of key baby boomers like David Bowie and Prince. Ok, some of these unrelated events may have more in common than the ‘OMG’ emoji, but please keep in touch with me.

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Participants discussed issues such as how colombia phone number brands can market to a deeply differentiated society. Why is Brexit surprising so many? Are we really living in a postfactual society? Last week’s Newsnight on the BBC had an enlightening report on Trump supporters in the US. Instead of mocking or patronizing them, it visited them at their workplaces and asked them to explain why they supported him.

Here’s the gist of their answer: We’re sick of being told we can’t say something because it’s not politically correct, or because we’ll be branded as stubborn: Trump speaks out Ideas, we want to be able to speak our own words. Too.

Track your every move and purchase almost daily

It’s nothing new for marketers or politicians to engage with people based on emotional responses alone. We’ve all witnessed the Twitter mob in action. At the same time, we live in an EA Leads age where more data on people can be collected than ever before. All your movements and purchases are tracked almost daily. Trends can be monitored in seconds.

However, such data doesn’t always tell us the whole story.

“People are more receptive to ideas or emotions than facts” I attended Maelstrom Marketing, mostly for media panel engagement (for full transparency), which included Tris Reid-Smith, News Editor of Gay Star and founder of Digital Pride, Mashable’s UK Editor Anne- Marie Tomchak and Liam Harrington, CEO of Unilad.


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