The many deadly sins of digital advertising have Canada Phone Number

The many deadly sins of digital advertising have now generated an unprecedented scourge of problems for everyone. On their own, each would be a disaster. Together they pose an existential threat to advertising and publishing.

The many deadly sins of digital advertising have created a plague of problems for everyone, says @KirkCheyfitz. Click to tweet
A plague of bots makes brands pay to have their ads clicked on by non-humans. Wildly varying “viewability” standards allow ads that few users can see, while other ads prevent humans from seeing anything other than the ad. Programmatic buying funds fake news and hate speech sites, damaging both society and the brands that unwittingly write the checks. Media buying agencies accept bribes. Etc.

It’s a daunting list, but it doesn’t even touch

On the two biggest issues. At the  top is ad blocking, demonstrating the exponentially growing public disgust with an industry that has admitted to caring little or nothing about people’s needs and wants.

Next comes the disturbing fact that network. Also, effects tend to create online Canada Phone Number monopolies. The advertising industry is now increasingly dependent on two giants: Google and Facebook. Estimates of their combined share of. Also, online advertising budgets range from just under 60% to 75%; the high number comes from WPP Canada Phone Number CEO Martin Sorrell, who should know.

This monopolistic domination will only get worse. Digital investment legend Mary Meeker of Kleiner. Also, Perkins reports that Google and Facebook captured more than three-quarters of. Also, all digital ad growth (KPCB, 2016); The British company Enders Analysis estimates its share of growth at 90% (Enders Analysis, 2016).

A monopoly – even a shared one – does not

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Bde well for price competition, transparency or innovation. In a new research paper on the digital economy, British. Also, economist and former British Treasury adviser Diane Coyle considers that the dominance of Google and Facebook is difficult – if not impossible – to question at the moment (Toulouse School of Economics, 2016). The long-standing warnings of web pioneers and content marketing innovators have all come true: the soul-destroying chickens of. Also, traditional advertising – bad ads, maddening interruptions, nonsensical product claims and widespread online customer abuse – came home to roost.

The chickens that destroy the soul of advertising – bad ads, nonsensical claims, etc. went home to roost. @KirkCheyfitz Click To Tweet
Moreover dire situation we now face is rooted in marketers’ fears of change and their slavish devotion to the good old days. It has been marked by a fundamental failure to understand how radically different digital is from television or any other traditional medium, and how real people (formerly

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