The Rise and Normalization of the Chief Marketing Technician

Much has been written about the rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist (CMT). While this may sound like another tech entrepreneur’s babe, there’s a clear sign that this C-level position is here to stay. Even a few years ago, advertising was largely dependent on traditional media, and digitally, it involved using Google and other search engines.

Although Facebook is starting to launch social advertising, the reality is quite different. Now, companies think about social ads before considering print ads. We are at a pivotal moment when most editorial articles predict the rise of chief marketing technologists, and CMTs belong to the established C-level group.

Why is the rise of CMT needed?

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The role of CMT.

In the previous C-level organizational setup, the chief EA Leads marketing officer held market leadership roles, while the CIO held technology and IT-related leadership roles. However, we know that these roles overlap, and often neither can comment on the other’s leadership vision. This is where the role of CMT was born. CMT bridges the gap between CIO and CMO and acts as a leader in understanding these two business areas.

CMTs typically have an undergraduate degree in computer science or technology and a master’s degree from a reputed business school, preferably with a specialization in marketing. He/she will also work in technology and marketing. Who the CMT reports to will depend on the individual organization. CMT coordinates with technology and marketing teams, but focuses on getting marketers within the organization to develop an interest and hobby in technology and IT.

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