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The same goes for your category and tag pages on your online store. If done well, these can be helpful landing pages that can guide people to the right place. Just make sure that they’re not competing against each other in the search results for the same terms and buyer intent. Don’t make them all want to compete for [power tools] if that is the main thing you are selling. This way, you make it very hard for search engines to determine the main thing they should rank for that term.

Product pages versus landing pages

As you know, there are various ways of getting your products noticed by both consumers and search engines. One of the main things you can work on is improving the site structure of your online store. Another thing is using product pages and landing pages properly — site owners sometimes confuse these.

Product pages serve the informational intent, while you set up landing pages to get the visitor to convert as soon as possible and aim the transactional intent. Content for landing pages is usually written with a single audience and a single goal in mind. This can also be targeted at a specific keyword.

Adding your keywords to your online store

Where should you use your keywords? It depends, of course. If you want to rank your products, you should add a good spread of related keywords to your product pages. You can also use the main keyword in titles, headings, meta descriptions, URLs, and the like. This is basic SEO. When setting up specific landing pages for specific terms, don’t make these too general. You don’t want that page to rank for everything and the kitchen sink.

Yoast SEO for WooCommerce


The helps you to  add your focus keyphrase in all the right places. It comes with a dedicated product-specific SEO analysis invaluable when writing product descriptions and building landing pages. The SEO and readability analyses kindly guide you to write product pages that rank and convert!

Yoast SEO for Shopify

Changsha Mobile Phone Number List

We don’t want to leave all the lovely people using Shopify in the dark, so we have developed Changsha Mobile Phone Number List a unique app.  This app helps you do proper including using your focus keyphrase in all the Changsha Mobile Phone Number List right places. The same product-driven SEO analyses power as our WooCommerce SEO plugin. As such, it is an invaluable tool if you want to that genuinely. Be sure to try it!

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