The Truth About Duplicate Content

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Don’t let the shiny new content you worked so hard to produce become invisible. Here’s the truth about duplicate content and how to solve it.

One of the biggest myths in SEO is the dreaded “duplicate content penalty.”

Want to know an SEO secret?

There is no such thing as a duplicate content penalty.

You will never see a notification from Google Search Console that you have been penalized for duplicate content.

But that doesn’t mean your site isn’t being penalized for having the same or similar content on multiple pages or even multiple sites.

When Google encounters the same content on a site – or multiple sites – the search engine’s algorithm decides which content to rank.

In the majority of cases, Google seems to rank the wrong content.

And if that happens, the shiny useful content you worked so hard on could be as invisible as Wonder Woman’s jet.

What Is Duplicate Content?

Duplicate content is just what it sounds like. It’s when the same copy appears on two or more web pages.

Duplicate content can occur on your own site or copy on another site you don’t control.

Duplicate content is not items like footers and other content that make sense to appear on multiple pages.

Google knows this content is not the “meat” of what you are trying to say, usually based on pagination – or how your page is designed.

You Need To Check For Duplicate Content

I’ve found that even experienced SEO pros rarely USA Phone Number check for duplicate content except in the beginning during Technical Discovery.

This is a mistake.

Duplicate content can happen when someone else scrapes your site and posts your content as their own.

It also occurs on websites because creating original content is hard, and it can be easier just to cut and paste content for similar pages.

I recommend setting up a schedule to monitor for duplicate content.

Some tools automatically monitor duplicate content regularly and send an alert when it is found.

Duplicate Content Monitoring

There are many different tools available to monitor for duplicate content.

We use three different tools.

Our first choice is Semrush.

In Semrush, the site audit report checks for duplicate content – but only on the domain.

So we use a second tool to monitor duplicate content and other parts of the Web.

We have found that Copyscape works best, but there are many other tools out there.

We also use Grammarly, which has a great Chrome plug-in for quick checks on sites you visit.

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