The upsizing of family members creates new demands so small vans and MPVs appear

The Ford Hunter Eagle has added some new equipment. Such as air conditioners, etc. So that users can sit more comfortably and have a stronger sense of control. Continued to develop until 2004, Ford Taurus added some new equipment, until now. Have been continuously upgraded, this line is a typical evolutionary line. Evolution is to continuously iterate towards a better direction based on the advancement of technology, but there is no demand for new categories, it is just better than before, more comfortable, safer, more experience, more high-tech and fun etc. But in the process of this evolution. Differentiation occurred again. For example, during the Second World War. American soldiers asked the car suppliers to raise the chassis and make the camouflage stronger. So there was a demand for SUV models. Jeep was a military product back then.

For small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs

And it was civilianized after World War II, which is the early prototype of the SUV seen today. Immediately after World War II, the development of the United States and other countries encountered the problem of population growth, so they wanted to break through the population and Oman Phone Number List  encourage more births, just like my country’s current two-child and three-child policy. But after the encouragement was over, there was a problem, the previous car couldn’t fit. The upsizing of family members creates new demands, so small vans and MPVs appear. The Chrysler brand invented and created this model, so it is still competitive until today. In fact, a total of 100 to 200 car brands were born in the United States, and now there are only 7 influential ones, and these 7 are all because they created a certain model. And as of today, the best-selling model is also the model they invented.

Differentiation is likely to be a category that does not exist at all

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Through the above cases of the automobile industry, it can be seen that differentiation brings opportunities for new categories and new brands, but evolution does not produce new opportunities. Evolution is to continuously improve and upgrade products and EA Leads maintain brand competitiveness. This is why those big brand giants Three generations continue to advance products, because this is an inevitable way to maintain their competitiveness and dominance. For small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs, what we need to use is another force differentiation, and use differentiation to create new brands. 2 How to distinguish between “differentiation” and “evolution”? If you think of differentiation as evolution, you will miss the opportunity to create a new brand.

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