There are loads of different styles Nepal Phone Number

There are loads of different styles of menu to choose from. Hamburger menus, drop-down menus, and sidebar menus are a few well-known examples. There are also some very abstract and creative menus out there in the wild! However, the way that you implement these styles has a big impact on the overall impression and usability.

Here are some of the more standard options:

Minimalist site menu

If you have a simple website and only one or two online goals, it makes sense to opt for a minimalist menu design. For example, Behance is a ‘network for showcasing and discovering creative work’, so it doesn’t need a complicated menu. They only include 3 menu options: ‘Discover’, ‘Livestreams’, and ‘Jobs’. This lets the user focus on the search field and the creative works being displayed instead.

Some sites use a more minimalist menu style to cater for their mobile users.  A hamburger menu (which looks like this: ☰) is a popular minimalist choice for mobile sites as it takes up a very small amount of screen space. For instance, on the mobile version of there are three simple icons to help users navigate: search, shopping cart, and a hamburger menu. Clicking on the hamburger menu expands it to show a list of their product categories. Solutions like this can work really well on mobile devices.

Classic site menu

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Classic menus are probably the simplest to work with. These focus on selecting the main categories Nepal Phone Number or areas of the site and use buttons with text labels to guide users to the right place. A horizontal navigation bar is the most Nepal Phone Number common type of classic menu. Sometimes menus like this have a few drop-down options below the main menu items, too. uses a classic menu design on its desktop site. Two of the menu items have a drop-down button to show more options: ‘Support’ and ‘Get Involved’.

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