Top 30 Marketing Kpis You Should Track

Track your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly progress by tracking the number of visitors on your website. This marketing KPI can also be broken down into the following categories: organic traffic social media traffic Paid traffic Recommended traffic direct traffic 3. Session duration Will people take the time to read your content thoroughly? Did they choose to take a quick glance or jump straight to your page? Tracking session duration will give you an overview of all of this. With this marketing KPI, you can see where converting visitors are coming from and which pages they tend to visit before hitting the “buy” button. 5. Bounce Rate What percentage of people leave your site immediately without taking any action?

New and returning visitors

Will your brand generate recurring business? This ratio can help you know if your site and content are interesting enough to keep your visitors coming back. However, a high number of new visitors how to get korean phone number can also mean that your branding campaign is a success. Either way, this is a marketing KPI that definitely deserves attention in your overview section. 8. Cost per transaction This is an average based on your AdWords investment. You can find this metric by dividing the amount you put into your AdWords campaigns by the number of transactions those campaigns generated. This KPI helps you see if your AdWords results are worth the original investment.

Revenue per transaction

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how to get korean phone number

You can average out this basic marketing KPI by dividing total revenue by the total number of transactions. 10. Maybe you’ve changed your site’s payment process and other steps are blocking visitors. Instead, maybe your checkout process has been optimized and the results do meet your expectations.

Considering your cart abandonment rate will definitely help you make some marketing decisions. 11. Door open rate This is a marketing KPI that contains a lot of information about the effectiveness of your email subject lines. There’s no need to send a newsletter or any other kind of email to your EA Leads users if the newsletter isn’t even being read. So open rate is the perfect metric to tell you if your subject line is enough to get people to read what you’re saying. 12.  In any case, a high unsubscribe rate is a sign that there is a problem, and you need to take a close look at your email policy.

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