Understanding, Benefits, and How SEO Works

Indexing is the process of creating an index for all web pages that have been. Retrieved and stored in search engine databases. Basically, the indexing process is the identification of words and writings or descriptions. That make the page enter in the search engine database with certain keywords. When a search engine receives a request from a user for exampl. By typing the keyword “How does seo work” in a search engine, then the search engine performs. The process by comparing the keyword “How does seo work” into a search. Request with other pages from various indexed websites. On search engine databases.

Understanding SEO

Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique to maximize the relevant value of website pages in order to increase rankings and visitors from the Google Search Engine . SEO is done through a systematic process (analysis, implementation, report) which means doing SEO techniques that fall into the category of Blackhat SEO / Whitehat SEO / Greyhat SEO. Each technique has advantages and disadvantages when we run. Like Blackhat SEO which performs malicious actions with the aim of accelerating the ranking of a website in Search Engine searches. Whitehat SEO is a natural and relevant action in increasing the ranking of a website. Greyhat SEO  is a combination of the two previous techniques to improve website rankings.


SEO Benefits

Talking about the benefits of SEO will be very much. Basically SEO has a positive impact on website or blog owners. The impact depends on the purpose of the website itself, for example, an affiliate website coupled with SEO techniques will increase sales of affiliate products. In its development, SEO has many types with different strategies. But in essence, SEO is an optimization effort made in building content, so that the content EA Leads created can be easily found by search engines. The easier and more often our content is found, the greater the chance that our content will be visited or read by our target market / readers.

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