Universal Design Rule 1: Good Benin Phone Number

Designers must have a wealth of knowledge reserves and look for common laws and the origin of things in various industries. After years of precipitation, the preecessors have left a large number of general design rules. The editor brings together the rules to explain, and the presentation of grasping rules in user interface design helps everyone to better understand and apply them. The law contains interdisciplinary expertise, recovers those neglecte origins, integrates it into the daily design and user experience system, and uses the law to verify its own design process and design results.

Universal Design Principle 1: “Accessibility”

In the early days of the design industry, when the “barrier-free use” rule was mentione. The first thing that came to mind was to use design to optimize the barrier. Free use function (function that is convenient for the disable). With the continuous accumulation of people’s knowledge of “barrier-free use” design, people finally realize that these designe barrier-free products are not only suitable for people with disabilities, but will perform better when they are experience by the general public.

The definition of the “Accessibility” rule is: “A good product design does not require special adjustments or modifications, and can serve a variety of users in nee.” Simply put, we can understand it this way: “Accessible design allows users to understand and use your interface smoothly.”

It follows from this that the principle of “accessible use” is: “A good product that is accessible to all users, including low vision, blindness, hearing impairment, cognitive impairment and motor impairment. Providing the accessibility features of the product can enhance all users availability.”

Good accessible design has four elements: legibility, ease of operation, simplicity, and inclusiveness.


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The so-calle”readability” refers to a design that can be guarantee to be understood by. Every user regardless of the differences in the sensory abilities of the users. In the era Benin Phone Number of skeuomorphism, icons are drawn finely and pursue high similarity with real objects. Users can easily understand the functions Benin Phone Number expresse by icons. Since the era of flattening, the visual style has continue to pursue minimalism, and users. Are prone to ambiguity about the functions expresse by icons. At this time, designers nee to add clues to users to guide users to discover. The functions and usage of products.

The basic ways to improve legibility are as follows

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