Interview With the 3play Media Customer Support Team Problem

With over 1,800 customers spanning higher education, e-learning, online video, corporate, government, faith, and media and entertainment, our support team interacts with all types of content , people and technical problems. So how do they keep all of our 1,800+ customers happy. I sat down USA Phone number our support gurus, Josh and Sid, to find out. Read on to learn more about their customer support philosophy and what it’s like to work in support at 3Play Media What makes 3Play support unique. Sid McCree Diaz  Josh Erickson held many support positions in the past. What I’ve found with past clients is that it doesn’t really seem like they like what they’re doing. Maybe it was the line of work they were in – who knows. But this is not the case with 3Play clients.

What makes you good at customer service? How did you get into it?

SID: I’ve always been a people person. No matter who you are or where you’re from, I can talk to you. People around me always told me that they felt a sense of trust with me and that it was easy to talk to and confide in me. This, combined with my very calm and relaxed demeanor, has allowed me to excel in client-facing positions. This was discovered immediately in college when I worked my first support job as a help desk technician, helping people in person, over the phone, and via USA Phone number email with their computer problems. I knew it was my calling. I worked for my dad’s auto repair shop in Cambridge, MA, every summer from age 14 to 18. I’ve always enjoyed talking to customers to see what exactly was wrong with their cars. My dad was playing a joke on me by bringing in an angry friend of his, saying that we had done

What is the biggest challenge of working in support?

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I would say that the biggest challenge for me are those few. Cases where, in any case, the result does not satisfy the custome those problems. That are beyond my control or that are a temporary limitation. Of the product most of the time, issues can be resolved immediately. Or at least escalated and resolved at some point in the future. But sometimes it happens despite the result, I always USA Phone number remember to provide. Great service no matter what, because it’s something I always have control over and. Can always execute back to the first question our knowledge base. With so many integrations, we have to be at the top of our game. To diagnose several integration issues. Not all of our integrations work the same way.

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