Q&a Highlights Webinar With Osu on Student Use of Closed

Last week, we began a long-awaited webinar series with oregon. State university (osu) extended campus ecampus covering their latest research. Findings on UK Phone number student use of closed captioning in universities in the country. Towards the end of the presentation, we answered questions from the. Audience during our q&a with dr katie linder, the project’s lead researcher. Watch the full webinar or keep reading for condensed q&a highlights. How did participating institutions inform students about the closed. Captioning survey katie linder: when institutions agreed to recruit for us, we. Sent them recruitment documents approved by the irb (institutional review board). They could communicate with the students UK Phone number in two ways. The first was via an email specifically targeting students at. Each institution saying that “Your institution has partnered with the. State of oregon and 3play media.”

Did You Find a Correlation Between Students Who Said They Had

Difficulty paying attention in class and the use of closed captioning? Captioning 101: Are You Ahead of the Class?
Take this short quiz to test your understanding of closed captioning technology and see how you stack up against your peers. KATIE LINDER: That’s actually the next part of our data analysis. We’re going to do subgroup analyzes and really drill down to [analyze] this particular population, but we’re also going to look at students who [use] English as a second language. We will [isolate] the UK Phone number different disability statuses of students to see if there are more students engaging in the use of closed captions who may view it differently in terms of benefits and benefits. ‘obstacles. We have our second webinar coming up, but maybe a third webinar that really specifically focuses on this subgroup analysis [would be needed.

Do You Have Any Idea What Percentage of the Subtitles Were

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Auto-generated subtitles, or what percentage were inaccurate versus how many were accurate subtitle files. One of the things we can glean from the responses is the number of students who focused on this specifically. Having coded this data over the past two weeks, I can tell you that it was not something that was mentioned frequently. I mean, it certainly came up, but it wasn’t a damning theme where UK Phone number students were saying it was auto-generated. I think the biggest issue for them for closed captioning was blocking information [about the video], and maybe not [time-syncing] properly, and things like that. Did you define what captions were for participants? KATIE LINDER: Yes, we did. In the survey instrument, before starting the closed captioning questions, we have included a definition. This definition was created in collaboration by our Research Unit and with 3Play Media.

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