Trends 2019 the Design of Your Logos Very Important Element

The design of your logo is a very important element. It will allow you to forge your visual identity with your customers. In addition, your company logo will help you attract and target your potential customers. It is therefore very important not to neglect the design of your logo. To do this, you must first keep an eye on current trends. Indeed, a 2009 logo will not have the same Peru Phone number codes as a 2019 logo. Let us explain in more detail what the design trends of your logos have in store for you in 2019. 2019 has come, it’s time to change the design of your logo Like Zara, Uber, Banque Populaire or Blablacar, you may be considering redesigning your logo. But then what are the design trends of 2019? We reveal everything to you.

2019 Has Come It’s Time to Change Your Logo Design Original Color

After being voted color of the year by Pantone, coral seduces more than one. It is also the Pierre & Vacances company that is rethinking its logo by opting for coral. This color then reflects the joy, good humor, and warmth that the company promises to its customers. This logo with its sober typography and original color gives a new vision of Pierre & Vacances. Coral: the elected Peru Phone number color of the year 2019 Pierre et Vacances coral logo Typographic logos are making a comeback in the world of logos. Also, it is initially the large companies that change their visual identity. Take the example of the Mugler, Saint Laurent Paris, or Lancel houses, all three of which have typographic logos.

Topographic Logos Are Making a Comeback Are Making a Comeback

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Today, all three have redesigned their visual identity in order to display. A more sober logo while remaining in the universe of the typographic logo. 2019: luxury brands are adopting. A new typography for their logos pictographic logos are not set aside indeed. Although the design trend is towards typographic logos. Many brands prefer to adopt the pictographic logo trend. Also, the nike brand Peru Phone number whose logo is initially the name of the company placed above. A comma allows itself to reinvent its logo by simply using the comma which then becomes the emblem of the company. This is also the case for the clothing brand lacoste. Which increasingly uses the crocodile emblem. Which is fully representative of the brand.


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