How to Succeed With Your Marketing Videos 2019 Considerably

We have been talking to you about it in various articles lately, video has become essential for a successful Social Media, communication or marketing strategy for your business. But making a video is good, making it successful is better. So, we give you some tips for successful video marketing in 2019. 3 tips for a successful video marketing strategy You are a company and you want to make Portugal Phone number marketing videos to send a message to your customers and prospects? Adapt your video based on consumer insights Indeed, consumers are daily exposed to many advertising videos. So how do you stand out among all these ads? Consumer insights are at the heart of this digital strategy.

3 Tips for a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

Take the example of a large online luxury goods store. The latter has stood out from its competitors in a very original way. Also, after studying its target and the habits of this target. The company was able to determine that they were impulsive buyers. So she decided to make a short marketing video on youtube encouraging them to click on a link before the end of the video. By clicking on the Portugal Phone number link, consumers were redirected to a landing page that allowed them to purchase an exclusive item. What to play with their emotion of compulsive buyers. If on the contrary case, the internet users did not wish to click on the link. The offer was no longer valid. Following this video, the company saw its sales increase considerably.

Adapt Your Speech and Content to Your Target Even if Your Video

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As a reminder, consumer insight is based on quantitative studies. Trend studies, and aims to target the motivations or expectations of. A consumer with regard to a product or service. These results will guide the advertising discourse of companies in order to adapt. Their campaign to the desired target. Adapt your speech and content to your target even. If your video is very creative and impactful. It will not have the right impact until it is designed around your target. You must first carry out a watch that will allow Portugal Phone number you to determine. The buying motivations of your target. You have to adapt to it in order to touch it, but also to make it act. Indeed, a video developed according to the target in question will have all the more repercussions and you will see the results.


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