9 Copywriting Tips That Will Turn Website Visitors Customers

The words on your website have the power to turn browsers into buyers. Of course, killer design, fast loading times and stunning photography are important. So, in this article, I’m going to provide you with 9 simple (but often overlooked) copywriting tips that will give you a leg up on the competition. In a nutshell, website writing is all about writing digital content for homepages, landing Turkey Phone Number List blog posts, product pages, and everything in between. Allows you to speak to customers in a way that resonatesChange the way customers perceive your brand Convinces prospects that your products or services are worth buying For example, watch how men’s health brand Hims connects with its audience by speaking in a way that makes it seem like they understand them:Hims and every other brand with great web copy.

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Connects their ideal customers to the solutions they offer. There are many branches of web writing such as social media writing, email writing, PPC writing, etc. In this guide, we will focus exclusively on writing better copy for your website. That said, many principles apply no matter what kind of copy you’re creating. 9 Simple Website Copywriting Tips For More ConversionsNow that Turkey Phone Number List you understand how vital website writing is, let’s learn how you can improve yours. The title of a website contributes to conversions much more than people realize. Most website titles get it wrong by not giving the reader a clear benefit. On your website, you want your headline to give readers a window into what you do and clearly describe how your product or service will improve their lives.

In a Nutshell Website Writing About Writing Digital Content

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For example, electric toothbrush brand Quip opens with “Better Oral Health, Made Simple.” Notice that they don’t use copy linked to the product like “The best toothbrush on the market”. Instead, they focus on the primary benefit of using their products. You don’t have to be super creative with your title. Instead, simply ask, “What’s the biggest benefit of using my product or service?” and go from Turkey Phone Number List there. As a general rule, keep your title brief. Generally, less than eight words is a great length for most readers. And, again, don’t underestimate the importance of your website title. As advertising legend David Ogilvy said, “Five times more people read the headline than the body copy. When you wrote your headline, you spent 80 cents of your dollar.

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