Want your store’s pages to rank Uganda Phone Number List

Want your store’s pages to rank? Then you should carry out keyword research for your online store! Keep the following in mind when doing keyword research for Shopify or WooCommerce:

  • Determine the mission of your business
    Write down the ideas you have about your company, your website, your products, and your customers. Narrowing down your business automatically forces you to think about (long tail) keywords.
  • Write down the keywords you want to be found for
    Focus on keywords that your customers would use. Try to find out what their unique buying reason is. What problem does your product solve?
  • Create landing pages for all of these keywords
    Write awesome content about your keywords, use nice imagery and a design that supports the message of that page.

To finish things off, create lovely collections of pages and give these pages a logical place within your site structure.

So go and determine a keywords strategy for your online store!

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