We Start With a Coffee Shop

I’ve always been impressed by how Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page and others have changed the game from a simple start. What these people have in common is that they are creators . They find needs and create solutions to solve important problems. It goes to the community. 250+ Mile Digital Campaign! – Antonis Valsamos Not Yo Grandma’s Cookies.

A Delicious Recipe 11 Things To Avoid For A Successful Product Launch Event Capacity Building – How to Hire Great Digital Marketing Talent in 2019 Why audience segmentation is a top priority in push notification marketing In the same line, the Mauritius digital marketing community started in the simplest environment, a coffee shop, where we decided to bring together marketers from different organisations. The main problem we are addressing is to make stakeholders including academia, professionals and government understand the nature of digital marketing. Most importantly, how to make digital an innovation hub within Mauritius and its organisations.

So we started the movement.

If we are to change the perception of digital in the country, we gambling email list will need the combined efforts of actual professionals in the digital field. The way this melting pot of ideas and knowledge is spread must lead to three drivers. Education; how we prepare the next generation and develop the actual next generation. Brand awareness; how we ensure employers, recruitment agencies, academics and other stakeholders understand what it means and all aspects of being a digital marketer. Active leadership; how we ensure the community initiates collaborative projects that contribute to the vision.

These fundamental questions become our driving force, and we have put them into action to achieve our vision. Collaboration remains key to what we do. Supporters become abnormal and vice versa, lacking knowledge and even fear of the unknown. I believe these are normal things we need to go through.

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Digital Transformation Summit 2018

People and numbers are two inseparable elements. I believe EA Leads that for the community, change is these two essential elements. The 2018 Digital Transformation Summit was just that. How we use digital technology to create change in society and business without forgetting the experiences of people along the way. This summit is a milestone for the community as we look to the future and define our structure and processes. Chen Hindi from Quantum, Natacha Emilien from Red Dot and Sean Fourmacou from Youth Sceal are examples of people embracing numbers and human development. As speakers, they intrigued the audience and certainly fueled the movement.

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