Web sustainability is a huge topic Uruguay Phone Number List

Web sustainability is a huge topic and covers a lot of aspects, from design principles to many technical details. Did you know that SEO can actually lower your website’s impact on the web’s carbon footprint? If you want to know more about sustainable website growth and how SEO can help you, then read on!

What impact can SEO have on sustainability?

You probably use the internet every day. This means you also use search engines, for example when you’re looking for a good place to eat. It’s not uncommon to spend five minutes searching for the right result. But when the result you need only requires a minute to read and digest, it’s a shame you wasted five minutes looking for it.

Five minutes may not sound like much, but remember that this is a common occurrence. It affects millions of people, multiple times a day, on a global scale. Those five minutes add up and represent a huge waste of electricity: all the pages you visit until you find the desired result, the energy spent by all the data centers involved in your requests, the energy our ISP (internet service provider) wastes to serve the data, and the energy our devices consume to show them. Doing some simple math: if one million people spend five minutes looking for your website in a single day, it’s equivalent to the energy a server would burn in ten years. And that’s just a fraction of the traffic and energy we’re talking about!

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By making it easier for people to find your website, you save your visitors valuable time and Uruguay Phone Number List help the environment by lowering the web’s carbon footprint. The result: your website will be more sustainable. Croatia Phone Number But how do you make your website easier to find? By using a holistic SEO approach!

How can you improve your website’s sustainability using SEO?

Writing style

Search engines are pretty Uruguay Phone Number List smart. They usually understand what a piece of content is about.However, they are not (yet) smart enough to understand the linguistic nuances that we use on a daily basis. That’s why it is important to make sure your content is easy to understand. We compiled a few tips for you below!

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