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A flatter flow of information

The official account of the WeChat public platform publishe an article explaining the revision. The first sentence of which is


Why can the revision of the subscription number information list “improve reading efficiency”? This starts with analyzing the information structure before and after the revision :

Before the revision, the subscription account news page was in the form of a list, showing the public accounts that users follow. The list first displays the official account that the user has poste, and each official account displays the title of the latest article. If the user is intereste in the top official account, or is intereste in the article title of a certain account when browsing the list, it will display the title of the latest article. Enter the page of the official account and click on the corresponding article to browse.


The new version


of the subscription account news page displays all the articles update by the public accounts concerne in the form of cards, which is often referre to as ” information flow “.


What is information

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flow? The intuitive explanation is a “river of information”, which is a series of information Colombia Phone Number displaye in front of the user in a long list. You may ask, the previous WeChat subscription account page Colombia Phone Number is also a list. Yes, that’s a list, but it contains a series of official accounts, not information, so it doesn’t count as an information flow.

Regarding what is information flow, please quote the last answer I agree with on Zhihu:

In terms of form : the content is arrange up and down according to similar specifications and styles, which is the information flow. For example, the homepage of Weibo is the information flow, and the dynamics you see on the homepage of Zhihu are also the information flow.

In terms of display and sorting : some are in chronological order, some are by popularity, and some are by algorithm.

Therefore, the information flow is a form that displays the information produce by the author subscribe by the user (Weibo, WeChat Moments), or the information calculate by the algorithm that the system thinks you may be intereste in (Today’s Toutiao).

WeChat aggregates the information flow generate by the articles generated by. The public accounts that users follow, so that the page has fewer. Levels and fewer reading operations, so it can improve. The reading efficiency . The revisedsubscription number message page has become an operation similar to. The circle of friends: after entering, just swipe up and down, and keep “swiping”. In the future, everyone can not only swipe the circle of friends, but also swipe the subscription number.

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