What Are Google Ads? This is the New Google Adwords, and It’s Here to Stay

When I say that the PPC and Google Ads marketing space is in a constant state of development, it shouldn’t be shocking news to anyone. Year after year, marketers receive new bidding strategies or advanced and comprehensive targeting methods, and they embrace them if they hope to be successful. Well, in July of this year, Google decided to make PPC games again. To simplify the branding of its marketing platform, Google changed the name of its online marketing platform from Google AdWords to Google Ads. Do I like digital marketing?

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10 Ways to Make Money Online in 2019 Attractive car packaging to get you going It may take a while for the paid search and SEO world to transition to using Google Ads in its everyday honduras phone number search language, but marketers need to act quickly in written communications about Google Ads. If your organization is producing content about Google Marketing and still using the old name of “AdWords” instead of “Google Ads,” you may be missing out on key accounts in your digital marketing strategy and taking steps to create value in content at a lower cost. So where can your organization improve its written content so it can talk to a real market audience and show you the Google algorithm you know and participate in its rebranding?

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honduras phone number search

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Leverage written usage of Google Ads in the following areas of your branding: on your website in your email in your blog content in your Google Ads content in your social media posts Marketers take some time to embody new brands, but online communities are adapting faster than most people think. Check out the EA Leads chart below for some stats on how Google Ads is rapidly taking the online community by storm. This shows marketers one thing, now more than ever, that we need to embrace and embody change at a blind pace if we want to stay ahead of the competition. If your organization has any questions or concerns about Google’s rebranding, or you want to know how best to craft it into a content marketing strategy, please contact Evolve Digital Labs for a free consultation.

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