What if Paquita Salas Is Right About the 360 ​​professionals

Paquita salas is not the kind of character that would appear in an article in professional media. It is neither the series nor the type of protagonist that is usually given for analysis of secrets to success. Leadership lessons or keys to success in business, as has happened with so many other successful previous series and with so many other viral characters in last. Paquita salas is the representative of actors who owns ps management and the protagonist of a viral. Series on netflix that will soon have a second season. It is possibly a more appropriate example to write. An article about what not to do and how not to be leaders or managers in the 21st century. “You’re getting old,” he rebukes her in one of the chapters one of her competitors, who is stealing stars from her.

How to Adapt to the 21st Century and It Shouldn’t Be Very Fun

In fact, paquita salas talks about the world of cinema and television and the professionals who act in it. But in reality the idea can be applied in a much broader way. What paquita believes you should look for in a professional. Right now has many echoes in the world of marketing and advertising. After losing her star actress, paquita salas launches herself in search of the ‘actress 360’. A term that has Lithuania Phone number become one of the running gags of the series and that they have even used in the promotion of the second season in networks social. The ‘actress 360’thing sounds a bit like the type of words and terms that were used ad nauseam. When everything began to be 2.0, to the point that the ‘surname’ had been distorted and had died faster.

Hey Have to Be Able to Understand the Complex Elements

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The ‘actress 360’ is, according to paquita salas, an actress who “Is good at drama. Who is good at food, who knows how to sing and dance.” she’s a multi-talented professional or, using paquita’s parlance. As good for the latest indie breakout movie as she is for an episode of puente viejo. And, in the end, that is also what is being asked of marketing and advertising professionals in a certain way. They have to be able to understand the complex elements of their puente. Viejo and also those of their indies. If anything has become clear in recent years. It is that professionals in the sector can no longer simply be marketers in general as they were 50, 25 and even 10 years ago.


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