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This time , we conducted an interview with the cooperation of PRECS Co., Ltd., which provides the D2C / repeat mail order specialized cart “ lipist ” introduced on the EC site Biii operated by Tekito. Please download the service materials related to Lipist from the following.Established in September 2017, Tekito Co. , Ltd. currently sells two types of supplements : KURO SHIRO, an activated charcoal supplement, and Somosomo , a supplement that suppresses the absorption of fat and sugar .


Online Shop That Sells “kuro Shiro” and “-somosomo-”-[biii]

To date, the company has not only provided good managers email list products, but also thoroughly faced its products from the marketing perspective of how to sell them. The company name “Tekito” has two meanings: “sloppy” and “suitable”. It is said thatAt first glance, the name of the company may seem like an appropriate name, but we interviewed Shinichi Yamada, the president of the company, who confidently states that his work is not sloppy, about his marketing methods.


Main Product “Kuro Shiro” Using Charcoal

managers email list

The products currently handled by tekito are “Kuro shiro”, an activated carbon that supplements. The nutrients that are lacking in daily diet and exercise, and leads to a healthy body. By adjusting the nutritional balance, as well as fat and sugar. These are two supplements called “Somosomo” that suppress. The absorption ofkuro shiro contains activated charcoal. That supports a disturbed internal environment, raw enzymes made by fermenting and. Maturing 238 kinds of raw materials, 10 kinds of lactic acid bacteria, and black. Ginger containing more than 10 kinds of flavonoids. Nowadays, products containing charcoal are on the market. But around the fall of 2017, when tekito launched its products, there were. Almost no such products on the market. Says mr. Yamada.

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