What kind of screen can make the Chile Phone Number

What kind of screen can make the user’s eyes bright and willing to click? Qipashuo, Durex, Number One Player… How did the visual design of these explosive models come about? Are there some underlying laws and tools? For many product operators and designers, these are questions that have plague everyone for a long time.

Liao Xiaojie, the designer of Goose Factory, combine her experience in designing QQ wallets, and share her views with everyone: emotional experience can be attache to people’s physiological drives, and designers can use some details or scene construction to arouse users. experience memory, so that it produces the effect of emotional association. At the same time, she also introduce in detail how to provoke user emotions and practically applie it to operational design.


Design posters for “Wonderful Flower”, “Durex” and “Ready Player One”

What prompted you to click?

At the moment of the explosion of information, carefully recall the information that prompts you to click, whether there are mainly four categories: sentient, interesting, beneficial, and useful. Today we mainly say “sentient”. In addition to the emotions we normally understand and the feelings that we often talk about, in the current social network ecology, the more important thing is actually emotions. Anything that can provoke your emotions will definitely win clicks.

For example, UC Toutiao collecte some impressive words from social networks in 2016, using original voice dubbing, combine with life-like scenes that match the copywriting, this form stimulated users’ various emotions, making them empathy and voice. +Dynamic effects + copywriting + construction of life-like scenes, which not only stirs the user’s emotions, but also enhances the user’s memory.

So, after realizing the importance of “sentient”, how can it be practically applie in operational design?

It mainly extracts keywords by understanding the user, and after obtaining the keywords. Chile Phone Number, combines the operation theme of this time to carry out visual derivation. During the derivation process, it is necessary to simultaneously set what emotions you want to convey Chile Phone Number to users, or for which user groups are more resonant, and think about what emotional content we need to spread.


The following will be combined with a recent theme red envelope project to explain in detail:

Theme red envelope style redesign

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The theme red envelope is a branch of the QQ red envelope gameplay. It is a special cover red envelope that only appears for one day on important festivals. Since I took over the theme red envelope in February 2016, there have been two versions.


For last year’s revision, I felt that the design was relatively limited, so. I thought about redesigning the style of the existing structure.

understand users

Before starting the design, you should first understand the user through the. Following three dimensions, in order to effectively convey the information to them.

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