How to Find What’s Trending: 14 Tools for Topic Inspiration

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1. Google Trends

In addition, Google Trends is the gold standard for identifying trending search topics in your industry.

It tracks global search trends and provides a wealth of data broken down by date range, geo-location, category, search type (for example web search vs. YouTube), and more.

In addition, One of the more recent advancements of Google Trends over the last couple of years is its incorporation into Google Search. Google has become a destination not only for inputting a query but also for reading the most recent trending stories based on your interests.

2. Exploding Topics

In addition, This tool is useful for entrepreneurs, investors, or those looking to identify trending business ideas, categories, or companies.

In addition, Exploding Topics doesn’t provide as much context as other trending topic tools, so you either need to subscribe to their newsletter or use this tool in conjunction with other tools to fully understand the trend.

3. SparkToro Trending

When shut down, Sparktoro filled an important void for marketers.

Sparktoro Trending surfaces the latest trending marketing, SEO, and technology articles.

Sparktoro surfaces these trends based on the number of social Panama Phone number shares from members who’ve connected to the tool (along with other means).

4. FrontPageMetrics

There’s a Reddit thread for virtually every area of interest. Frontpagemetrics is useful for identifying which subreddits are seeing the most daily, weekly, and monthly growth.

With over 3 million tracked subreddits, there are plenty of rabbit holes to help inspire your content roadmap.

5. Feedly

Once you’ve identified the most important publications or news sources that your audience consumes, this tool is one of the best for aggregating the latest stories in one place.

Feedly is one of the most powerful tools for identifying trending topics and staying up to date in your industry by showing you the most recent stories published from your curated list.

6. Podcast Notes

Podcasts are an unsung hero in identifying trending topics. Podcasting is a $1 billion industry expected to gain 10% more listeners each year. This is a huge opportunity for identifying trending topics for your clients or organization.

Unfortunately, podcasts take a lot of time and focus to digest the content and aren’t ideal for everyone.

Podcast Notes solves the problem of identifying the key takeaways of individual podcasts in a quick newsletter format.

If you don’t have time to listen to 10+ podcasts a week, Podcast News does the heavy lifting for you across fitness, nutrition, startups, technology, finance, crypto & lifestyle topics.  Best database provider | classy database

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7. Buzzsumo

The best community managers have well-polished systems for listening to trending social media topics for their vertical.

In addition, Buzzsumo has long been one of the best-in-class tools for helping you identify viral content across social channels and has moved into additional areas of content discovery that span across video and Q&A websites, as well.

If you’re looking for the top trending video content in your vertical. In addition, Buzzsumo can show you what content is getting the most traction on YouTube.

8. Trends

For instance, Trends offers a thorough but easy-to-digest format for understanding new topics across industries. In addition, The Trends newsletter breaks down a topic by covering:

  • Why it matters.
  • What the problem is that has created the trend.
  • The solution.
  • The main players in the space.
  • Predictions.
  • Opportunities.
  • Key lessons.
  • Haters (or opposing viewpoints of the trend).
  • Additional resources to go deeper on the topic.

In addition, There are also several paid features and ways Panama Phone number to collaborate with other members in the Trends community. For instance, if you want more in-depth research on each topic.

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