When adding a contextual internal Belarus Phone Number

This helps users and search engines understand that these guides are crucial pillars of our site. When adding a contextual internal link, make sure the link makes sense within the current page’s context. Moreover, always use anchor texts which accurately describe the page you’re linking to. This provides users and search engines with the context to assess whether the link is valid. The internal linking tool in Yoast SEO Premium helps you connect your content by automatically suggesting relevant links. 3.3. Manage your categories and tags WordPress has two default ways of structuring your content: categories and tags.

Categories Add Hierarchy to

Your content and group topics broadly. On a website about cooking, pasta could be a category. Tags are non-hierarchical and can be used to describe your post in more detail. Dinner party themes, for example, could be a tag. When setting up your site structure, pick several main categories. Adding them to your menu can be a good idea, especially if you only have a blog. A different setup might make more sense if you have a blog Belarus Phone Number and several products. Make sure your categories are roughly the same size. If your categories become too big Belarus Phone Number, make subcategories. Your category pages can be great landing pages, especially for ecommerce sites — more on that in our e-commerce SEO guide.

Tags Are Helpful for Users

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Exploring topics, but they are often misapplied. It’s important not to use too many tags and use them more than once or twice. Remember, you want to group your content, not just give it a description. If you want to structure your content differently. WordPress also allows you to create custom taxonomies. Always consider carefully whether your custom taxonomy groups content in a way that makes sense and helps your visitors. 3.4. Manage your archive pages If you use categories and tags, you will automatically create archive pages. These pages contain a list of the posts and pages within a specific category or tag.

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