Why Digital Marketing in 2016 is All About Letting Go of Old Practices!

Roger von Oech, renowned American author, speaker, and creative toy inventor; cannot sum up the importance of creativity and new ideas in a better way. This statement applies to every creative field, and more so to the ever- evolving creative field of online marketing . The advent and rise of social media has forced marketing professionals to rethink and refine their time-tested advertising practices and strategies. What are digital assets? Sports and social media: 5 things the sports industry can learn from AS Roma, Kanye and Zlatan Money is on the list! Effective Mobile App Marketing Strategies Before Going to Market What is Channel Marketing and How It Works.

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The Complete Guide Changes in Marketing Strategy: 1980 to 2016 and Beyond The fundamentals of marketing have remained the same over the past few decades – striving to achieve a memorable brand consumer phone number lists image by engaging with the human psyche and creating an urgent need that drives customers to ultimately purchase the target product. However, the channels used to reach large audiences have changed over the years. From the 1980s to the early part of the new millennium, watching TV was another name for having a good family time. Products advertised during prime time used to be bestsellers. In the first decade of the new millennium, everything changed due to the explosion of digital media and social networking sites. Fast forward to 2016, and every member of the family has a personal TV in the form of a variety of mobile devices.

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New technologies have understood the needs of individuals to satisfy. Extreme personalization and customization has arrived and will continue to be! Related Reading: How to Optimize Your Website Content to Rank Above Google Polishing and Perfecting Proven Success Methods EA Leads Over the years, digital media has enjoyed great success with EA Leads direct email marketing using creative, engaging, and engaging content. Email marketing is still one of the best channels for connecting with your audience, but the rapid advancement of technology has brought to the fore many new channels that promise better results in terms of audience attention and conversions. Marketers are reinventing their ideas every day to attract, connect and convert demanding audiences into buyers. A concept that worked 2 years ago has to be refined and refined to have better traction today.

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