Why Non-marketing Students Choose to Continue Their Education in Digital Marketing!

Introduction to my educational history In 2014, I got my BA in Public Relations and have always been interested in how marketing works. Initially, I dreamed of going to college as a 2nd grade teacher, but all in all, that didn’t happen. During my junior year, I had to make a quick decision on which major to pursue, so I decided to let PR think it would lead me to an exciting job after graduation. The main question I had on my first real-world job was: “Does this interest me?” Latvian Catering Market Analysis

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Branding, Events and Advertising Agency in Indore, India email list of real estate agents Top 10 Marketing Words and Phrases of 2019 9 Strategies to Improve Lead Quality in B2B PPC Campaigns today Three years later, I was working at the same company, and while it didn’t capture my interest as much as I wanted, it was a great learning experience. This job has also helped me learn to communicate effectively with various companies and meet their needs. At this point in my career, I started to feel the urge to break into a new industry, try a new industry and see if I could do better than I am, which led me into the Digital Marketing Nanodegree program !

email list of real estate agents
email list of real estate agents

My main concern with my current job is that I feel like I’m stagnant in what I’m learning. I know it’s hard to find another job with the same job description because it’s so specified for a product that only my company has. The question I’ve been asking for a while is:

Because I can’t quit my job and go back to

Master , what should I do with my current job?” “Should I try to study onsite or online?” “Put free videos on digital marketing, or invest in programs that end in certification?” The final answer to all my EA Leads questions: Udacity Digital Marketing Degree Program! I checked out another online program, but nothing compared to what Udacity’s program can offer to anyone looking to gain digital marketing skills, especially with actual use of actual marketing tools (Hootsuite, Google Adwords, Mailchimp, etc.).

I’m only the beginning of the course, but I can already say that I’ve learned a lot and am excited to use those skills in my future job in a new industry for me. Who knows, when I do this job, I might even get the job of my dreams!

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