Why the World is Saying “I Do” at Gabbinbar Homestead

As Gabbinbar’s supervisor, you work on the estate every day. Does it still impress you? I’ve shown the Gabbinbar Homestead to thousands of couples over the years, but the gardens and homes never stop. Gabbinbar, an Aboriginal word meaning “beautiful place”, lives up to its name.

When we first opened in 2012, we decided we wanted to offer something unique. Instead of trying to be a multipurpose place, we have a magnificent home for our couple to use 24/7.

That’s why we have as few rules as possible. Our focus is on exceptional service, great food, and attention to detail. We stayed backstage and encouraged our couples to treat Gabbinbar like their own. They simply invite their friends and family to join them for the day in their own private home.

Initially, we envisioned that our main market would be local Toowoomba couples, but once our wedding photos started making wedding magazines, we were plagued with bookings from not just local, interstate and international. Currently, over 95% of our wedding clients are from outside the local area.

Is it difficult to promote yourself internationally as a regional business?

Two things have changed our business: Wellcamp russia phone numbers Airport near Toowoomba, which opened in 2014, and digital marketing. Airports allow us to easily connect with the world, and digital marketing gives us the ability to market to interstate and international customers. Twelve months ago, we finally abandoned all forms of traditional media and decided to focus 100% on our digital strategy. The cornerstone of a successful digital strategy in the wedding industry is satisfaction. We employ numerous staff to produce relevant, engaging and inspiring content, which we then distribute as widely as possible.

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Do wedding parties from different cultures need to incorporate different ceremonies into what Gabbinbar offers? Yes! This year, we had a colorful Bollywood-inspired Indian wedding with smoke bombs and beat drums, as well as tea ceremonies for many Chinese weddings, and just recently our chef prepared one from the stomach of a sheep Amazing ‘haggis’ to celebrate a Scottish wedding…   Last week we received a request for a South American Guinea Pig Roast. We’re not sure how to handle this yet!

What is the most unusual request from your wedding team?

In Indian culture, the ceremony focuses on the arrival of the groom and we are asked to provide elephants for the groom to ride. That’s impossible, but we do dress up our golf carts with EA Leads colorful linens and noisy bells. It looks and sounds great. It’s not true, but we tried it! Has your team grown with your popularity? absolute. Today, Gabbinbar Homestead employs around 50 people, including six dedicated wedding planners and a fantastic team of chefs led by Austrian chef Bernhard Kohlhuber.

We host up to 200 weddings a year and provide an average of 400 room nights per week for the City of Toowoomba (4 weddings with approximately 100 guests each) – making Gabbinbar Homestead one of the most important tourism businesses in the Darling Downs region one.

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