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Its launch will mean the appearance Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List of the first Spanish offer. Of programmatic access to linear television advertising under HbbTV technology. A pioneering commitment to digitization José Miguel García-Gasco, general director of Atresmedia Publicidad, has Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List defended that, with this agreement, the Group “continues to commit to the digitization that the market demands” and makes it “once again a pioneer in making new.

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TV inventories available to the market, this time Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List programmatic inventory of linear television HbbTV». In addition, he highlighted the enormous potential of this inventory Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List since .”It brings together the best features of the television world and the digital world. In addition to the great scope and security of the linear television brand with digital advertising segmentation solutions”.

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The world leader in digital media quality, has Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List published its latest study. Titled Your Supply Path: The Expansion of SPO in Programmatic . It addresses the main challenges and opportunities for brands in an environment marked, on the one hand, by the increase in investment in programmatic advertising, which continues to grow worldwide and is estimated to exceed 154,000 million dollars this year.

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