WordPress Optimize SEO Tutorial

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In simple terms, SEO is the process of a process to affect the level of visibility (visibility) of a website or a web page in search engines. This way, the WordPress site will better understand what people are looking for on EA Leads search engines like Google. The greater the chance that your wordpress site will appear on the first page of results. On search engines like google.Search engine algorithms such as the rules used to rank other.  To websites that provide the best and more relevant user experience.


Why is your website ranking important?

Search engines are often the biggest source of traffic for existing websites. Google and other search engines use sophisticated algorithms to understand and properly rank web pages in search results. However, those algorithms are not perfect, they still need your help to understand what your hong kong phone number format content is all about.If your content is not optimized through SEO, then the search engines will not know how to rank your website. When people search for the topics you write about, your website will not appear in search results. You will lose all your website traffic. It is very important for all companies and businesses to use SEO on their website, so that they can maximize their search traffic.

Search engine visibility settings in WordPress

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WordPress comes with built-in features like hiding your website from search engines. The purpose of this feature is to give you time to optimize your website before it is ready to be posted on search engines. Please login first to your WordPress website then select Settings » Reading page. Look for the ‘Search Engine Visibility’ menu tab and. Make sure the menubar with the name ‘Discourage search engines from indexing this site’ is unchecked. Don’t forget to click ‘Save Changes’.o, if you want to optimize your WordPress website in your search engines.

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