WordPress SEO: 20 Tips South Africa Phone Number and Best Practices

Therefore, There’s a checkbox in WordPress that, if checked. After that, is effectively an SEO death sentence for your website. Moreover,  because it prevents Google from indexing your pages. Therefore, if Google can’t index your pages, they can’t rank. Moreover, You’ll find this under Settings > Reading > Search engine visibility. After that, Make sure this is unchecked if you want to stand any chance of ranking whatsoever. In addition, Pretty much all. After that, WordPress themes are responsive and mobile-friendly days. Therefore, so there’s not much to worry about there. In addition, What you really need to check when choosing a theme is its performance.

Therefore, Google looks at domain and domain separately. In addition, so it’s important to choose a preferred version for your site. Moreover, You can do this under Settings > General. In addition, Just set the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) to your preferred version. In addition, For a new website, it doesn’t really matter which version South Africa Phone Number you choose. Therefore, if your pages are accessible at both URL versions. Moreover, your best bet is to use the version with the most backlinks. In addition, To see which version this is. In addition, plug them both into. Moreover, Ahrefs’ Batch Analysis tool and check their referring domains. For us, it’s clearly the non-www version. Moreover, The beauty of WordPress is it automatically redirects. Moreover,  the other version to the preferred version so search engines. In addition, visitors can only access your site at the preferred domain.

After that, Permalinks are basically the URL format for your posts and pages. In addition, the “post name” option tends to be the most SEO-friendly because it helps. In addition, Make it immediately obvious what the page is about. Moreover, Keep URLs short. After that, which can prevent them from truncating the search results. However, if you’re already using South Africa Phone Number a different permalink structure. In addition, then changing it can lead to broken pages. After that, So if you make a change. In addition, you’ll want to crawl your website with a tool like Ahrefs’ Site Audit after the fact to check for 4XX errors. Furthermore, So when choosing a theme. After that, it’s worth reading through the description to see what’s included. In addition, If there are a bunch of features you won’t use. After that, it may not be the best choice for you.

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