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All In All, The History Of The Nineteenth Century Allows Us To Delve Into The Effects Of Globalization From A Multiple Perspective, Observing How Its Effects Were Convergent And Divergent At The Same Time. We Will Also Observe How New Social Groups. Emerged And Redefined Others, Revealing The Tendency Towards Their Spatial Projection Based On Interests. That Could Go From The Local To The International World, Whether They Were New Or Old. Social Groups. The Emergence Of New Social Groups And The Transformation

Of Precedents Will Give Rise To New Social And Cultural Practices (Class Culture, Work Cultures, Consumption, Leisure, Etc.) That Will Articulate Them As A Group, Triggering Diverse Relationships With Other Groups. The Established Religious System That Led To The Amarnian Reform Of. Akhenaten In The Fourteenth Century Bc We Will Delve Into The Religious World From The. Mediterranean East, Where Among The Dominant Polytheism Arose A Singular Religion That. Proclaimed The Existence Of A Single God: Yahweh. It Will Deal With The Evolution Of The Aegean Religion From The Minoan And Mycenaean Times To The Classical

Technologies Denmark Phone Number Applied To The

Humanities And Social Sciences By Teresa Romeu Arts And Humanities Studies December 29, 2017 Since The Creation Of. The Uoc Emphasized The Need To Have A Subject That, In Denmark Phone Number A Transversal Way, Introduced Students To The Use And Application Of Information And Communication Technologies (Ict), Their Own Competence And ‘university Dna. This Is The Meaning And Purpose Of Technologies Applied To The Humanities And Social Sciences , Designed For Both The Academic And Professional Fields. Handshake-2009195_960_720 It Is Not Just A Matter

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Of Offering Certain Tools And Studying Their Operation And Application, But Above All Of Achieving Digital Skills That Include The Search. Selection And Processing Of Information, The Elaboration Of Digital Information, The Its Presentation. And Dissemination, As Well As Study Planning And Work In A Virtual Learning Environment. Without Forgetting Communication Strategies And Teamwork With A Good Digital Attitude. Therefore, The Leitmotif Is The Virtual Team Project. Which Is Developed Step By Step From A Thematic Focus In Which History,

Geography Denmark Phone Number And Art History

Are Closely Linked To Ict, Offering Content Such As Geolocation, Computer Applications. Therefore, For The Analysis Of Geographical And Historical Studies, Online Art, Digital Culture, Etc. Technologies Applied To The Humanities And Social Sciences. Thus Become A Fundamental Subject To Integrate The Knowledge Of The Degree With The World Of The Network. Through The Development Of Projects Of Diverse Nature Where The Basic Digital Competences Are Put Into Play.

Connect-20333_960_720in Addition To The Analysis And Treatment Of Information And Communicative Processes That Take Place On Campus, Our Subject Emphasizes The Attitudes And Values ​​of Etiquette ( Netiquette ), Essential To. Carry Out Learning Interactions. To Respect The Opinions Of Others, Working Collaboratively And Taking. On Roles Based On Tolerance And Understanding Of Differences. In Virtual Discussions And. Collaborative Tasks Within Work Groups, Students Have The Opportunity To Generate This Good Work Climate, Where Group

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