Xiaomi IoT Lean Design Road Cambodia Phone Number

For Xiaomi, do we have such doubts:

  • How does Xiaomi, a mobile phone + smart hardware company, sell daily necessities such as sofas, mattresses and towels?
  • What advantages do Xiaomi’s smart hardware and home furnishing products have in the market?
  • How can a 6-person e-commerce design team serve the design of 300+ different products?
  • Xiaomi has also started to do “new retail”, how will it develop in the future?

In this issue of U Sharing, we have invited Boss Wang Yang, the design director of Xiaomi Youpin. He joined Xiaomi in 2014 and has been in charge of the MIoT design of Xiaomi’s smart hardware and the design of Xiaomi Youpin’s e-commerce business.

This time, he brought you the “Xiaomi Lean Design Road”, the content from three directions (product design, Mijia App design, plug-in design), three dimensions (social network, family relationship, IoT big data), To explain Xiaomi’s “precise design + boutique design” thinking, let you clearly understand the Xiaomi ecological chain, the future development trend of the smart home industry, and the comprehensive capabilities that excellent designers need to have.

Let’s take a look at Xiaomi’s current business model – triathlon (hardware + Internet service + new retail)


1. How to gracefully solve the interconnection between “users, mobile phones, and devices”?

1.1 Chip module + communication protocol + Mijia and cloud app

In order to solve the problem of networking of smart devices, the Xiaomi IoT platform has developed the Xiaomi smart IOT module, which solves the problems of traditional smart home wiring, networking, and upgrades. Simply put, it can realize the networking and online connection of all charged devices, and control the connection between people, devices, and mobile phones.



1.2 Differences between smart hardware and App products

Xiaomi’s current connected smart hardware has exceeded 100 million. Smart hardware online is not the same concept as our traditional user online. App products from download to use, experience design quality or not, end in uninstall and complain. Any smart hardware is built on the user’s paid purchase behavior, which also means that the experience design of smart hardware must face greater nitpicking and challenges from users.


Precise design and boutique design

Whether the design is correct or not is my priority criterion. Correct orientation, precise bearing, and elegant form are our team’s linear design process. UX design, business design, and operational design teams all work according to this design pattern.


Accurate and high-quality design based on big data

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The interconnection of intelligent hardware provides us with data support for design, 85 million devices + 50 million users + usage habits of different users  Cambodia Phone Number  + usage scenarios of different products, data can tell us: when, which user, what kind of product, What was done, etc. These data also provide a basis for us to achieve accurate e-commerce. Different from the post-location data analysis of friends, we can predict the consumption tendency of users Cambodia Phone Number through their usage habits before they generate purchase behavior.


2.2 Product Display of Xiaomi’s Precision and Boutique Design

Let’s take a look at Xiaomi’s products: Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner. Mijia air purifier, retro refrigerator, etc., and then spy on Xiaomi’s boutique design

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