Digital Advertising at Its Highest Level in 10 Years Latest Study

According to the latest study published by eMarketer, digital advertising will overtake traditional advertising in 2019, in the United States. A trend that should be observed in France. Already in 2017, online advertising worldwide had overtaken TV advertising in terms of advertising investment. In France, online advertising has never reached such a high level and such strong growth in 10 Morocco Phone number years. Today, we return to the flourishing market of online advertising. When digital overtook TV The year 2017 marked a turning point in the history of advertising. For the first time, advertisers spent more money on digital than on TV. While in 2016 advertising investments in these two channels were still very close, they clearly stood out in 2017. Online advertising achieved 41% market share with 209 billion dollars spent worldwide. Against 35% market share for TV, or 178 billion dollars.

When Digital Overtook Tv Year 2017 Marked Thanks to Mobile

The traditional media has indeed been dethroned on a global scale, but what about France? Evolution of advertising expenditure allocated to digital and online advertising in France. 10 years of growth each year, sri and nude cam in partnership. With pwc publish the results of their 10th e -pub observatory. This year again, web advertising explodes the counters. It’s very simple, since 2008, it Morocco Phone number continued to progress. In 2018, it amounted to 4.9 billion euros, which represents an increase of 17% compared to 2017. Annual evolution of digital advertising in France Source: SRI France In 10 years, the market has multiplied by 2.5.  However, it is down slightly in terms of market share despite having increased by 11%, mainly thanks to mobile.

Online Advertising in France 10 Years of Growth

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It is social networks that are driving this progress upwards with a 63% increase in Display Social in 2018. Digital advertising is therefore a growing market that overshadows traditional media. If until then, it had not yet exceeded them, it will soon be done… at least in the United States. Traditional Morocco Phone number media soon to be dethroned? Forecasts put forward by eMarketer announce a 19% increase in online advertising spending in 2019, for an amount of 129 billion dollars. On the contrary, those allocated to the traditional media would amount to 109 billion, a decrease of 4%. In 2021, the share of digital advertising spending should even reach 62% according to their estimates.

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