You can see this kind of menu in action Nigeria Phone Number

You can see this kind of menu in action on Google Maps. Usually these kinds of menus can be opened using a hamburger menu button, and closed again using the ×-button. This is a great way to offer full-screen content, as the menu is hidden most of the time.

Mega menus

Mega menus are a kind of drop-down menu. But instead of having a single column of links under each main menu item, there is space for multiple columns. These menus are popular with larger and more complex sites, as they offer space for many more links than other menu styles. So in theory, you can be less picky about which links to include. Right?

Well actually, this supposed benefit can be the downfall of mega menus. Even though all the links can fit in there, including too much content in your menu can be overwhelming for users. That being said, if you limit yourself to a moderate amount of menu links, a mega menu can be a great option for your site.

On you can see we’re using a mega menu with a manageable number of links below each main menu item:

An example of a very full mega menu can be found on the World Food Program desktop site. In this case, the drop-down menu shows a list of countries, so users  Nigeria Phone Number will still be able to navigate this menu quite easily. But just imagine if all these links were about different topics. Then users would struggle to find what they need, as if they were rummaging around in a messy drawer.

Other navigation options

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You can do a lot with your site menu, but it’s not the only navigation option.  Many sites add extra Nigeria Phone Number navigation links to their site header or footer. You’ll often see options to log-in or change the site language in these spaces. However, if you do choose to add footer links you must disable infinite scrolling, or your users will never be able to  reach the footer.

Another possibility is to create a sitemap page that users can access. This shows a structured list of all your site’s pages. These are becoming less popular than they once were, but they can still be a powerful tool for site navigation.

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