How to Get Your Event Business Noticed in a Digital World

Meet Helen. Having been in the events industry for 22 years, she has built a solid business for events of all types and sizes in the Birmingham area. By persevering and consistently delivering high quality service, the business has grown to maturity and has some loyal repeat customers who rely on its services on a regular basis.

But over the past few years, she felt her business was faltering. While Helen was confident in her ability and ability to take on the new business, growth was not enough to take it to the next level. It appears that word of mouth and the occasional (expensive) newspaper ad are not enough to make the business more aware of those looking for event catering. Another frustrating thing is that all the fantastic feedback she’s received from satisfied clients over the years has been spent in her email inbox and a half-baked website. Ukraine is keen to hire UK caterers.

Stanley, also based in Birmingham, has just started his own events company, specifically the rental and assembly of wedding tents and ballrooms. Stanley worked at a prestigious conference venue for five years before deciding to make his fortune with his savings, loans and previous experience he had gained.

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As a millennial, he has no doubt built websites and social media pages to promote his business online. Friends, family and acquaintances flocked to offer support at first, but it has been difficult to find the company’s name since. With hundreds of local and national tent or tent suppliers in the Midlands area, his online messaging and services (including deep discounts on average fees) seem to be drowning in a sea of ​​competition, many of which have bigger marketing budgets.

Despite being in different positions in their event careers, Helen and Stanley share a common challenge: You may have an excellent service record or a unique value proposition, but a lack of visibility prevents you from reaching your full potential. In the event-hosting industry, organizers often choose the number one (rather than the best) supplier for their event because they simply don’t know what’s often in their eyes the better option.

One of the main factors behind the “invisibility” of new, small and medium-sized operators is the hurdle of digital marketing. For example, since running an effective Google Adwords campaign is a fairly technical job, most businesses hire digital marketing experts to do the work for them. This means forking not only for the services of the marketing experts, but also for the keywords you will be using.

In Helen’s case, the ad CPC for the keyword “dining Birmingham” is $3. The click does not automatically equate to new business. According to online advertising specialist realtors email list WordStream, 25% of all Adwords accounts have a conversion rate of less than 1%, and the average conversion rate for all accounts is around 2.35%. That could mean Helen is spending thousands of dollars on a campaign that doesn’t bring enough returns, a risk most businesses can’t afford.

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realtors email list
realtors email list

The truth is that most SMEs as well as start-ups EA Leads cannot compete with the online marketing budgets of large corporations and have no access to marketing expertise. This applies not only to Google Adwords, but also to any pay-per-click advertising on the internet. However, over the past decade, solutions to this uneven balance of power have emerged in the form of industry-specific online platforms. They’ve become great equalizers, allowing potential customers to compare apples to apples based on transparent ratings and reviews. You need TripAdvisor for travel, Airbnb for accommodation, and now Eventerprise for the world of events.

This means that Helen can showcase all her rave reviews, and Stanley can promote his offers to target audiences who, in turn, can make more informed decisions about event providers. The beauty of all of these features is that the platform has revived the internet’s original promise of equality, giving every business, regardless of size, an equal chance to compete for customers.

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